Sunday, December 9, 2007

Scrapbooking Mi Bebe....

Earlier this year my grandmother surprised me by packing up a box of my most cherished toys as a little girl, in it was Mi Bebe... a French doll given to me by my grandfather. This simple act of sending me this was worth a million. Tonight I created a scrap book page about her, my very special mi be'be ...

Here is the journaling from the page

Whitney Rae…

Whitney Rae is what I named her,

one very special doll brought back

from a business trip by my Poppy

when I was 11. Even though I was

starting to get too big to play with

dolls I adored her anyway. I was

very much the little mommy. She

now sits perched on top of my scrap

cabinet along with my other beloved

toys, still in almost perfect condition.

Someday I hope to pass her on to my

little girl….

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