Friday, June 15, 2007

A page by Rachel Gainer (from Scrapbooks Etc.)

I've been continuously working on pages of family members.... some here, some not. Anyhow, I came across this article in Scrapbooks Etc. by Rachel Gainer, and it was just the simplicity of the questions that caught my eye, something easy to answer.... Here are my answers to her questions, what are yours?

What age would you like to be for the rest of your life?
Hmmmmm 22 was a pretty epic age for me.

If you could own the world's largest collection of anything what would it be? Purses...totebags....handbags....

What three wishes would you ask of a genie in a bottle....?
Financial security....(if I'm already 22 I won't ask for my body back when I was that age) ...a cure for Parkinson's, Cancer, Alzheimer's, Lupus and Diabetes.... to have a happy healthy baby.

What are the secrets to a longer, healthier life...?
Don't drink, smoke, or abuse drugs.... Love with your whole heart and expect nothing in return, respect your body, exercise, and indulge your creative urges on a regular basis....Seek a spiritual guide of your choosing, and surround yourself with positive people.

What is something you feel too young to do?
Right now, it's taking about 10 medications a day....

If you had an extra day each month that no one else had what would you do with it?
In the summer I would hop in the car and go to the beach... spend the day swimming, building sand castles, and lazing in the cool ocean breeze. In the fall I would hop on the train and head to my favorite city... San Francisco... and spend the day shopping, going to museums, and taking in all the beautiful scenery... In the winter, I would hop on the train and go in the other direction... to the beautiful mountains of Lake Tahoe to a cabin and ski for the day, and end the day by a fireplace drinking hot chocolate...

What is something that you'd like to do but not allowed to do?
Have a huge piece of chocolate fudge cake.... being diabetic... it's not a good idea.

What super hero powers would you like to have?
That's a tough question? The power to heal....

What is the one thing you wish you never had to worry about again?
Money. I hope one day to be a stay at home mom that can spend the day scrapbooking, taking care of my home and family, be able to easily visit my Florida family.... that would be nice. Eventually I want to finish my degree... and not have to worry about work and just concentrate on getting good grades.

I tag Barb, Holly, Kristyn, and my mom on this one.... send me your answers....

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